10 industries in which information security analysts earn the most

The world is awash in data, and it’s increasingly in need of more information security analysts to protect it.

These math-minded, tech-savvy professionals keep supply chain software running uninterrupted at major retailers and the personal information stored by our hospitals and banks from getting into the wrong hands. Information security analysts develop security policies for staff as well as monitor companies’ software, servers, and email exchanges for cyberthreats. And, in the worst cases, information security analysts are there to clean up after an attack.

So where does an information security analyst make the most money today?

Twingate collected data from the Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics program from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics to understand which industry sectors paid the most to security analysts. The demand for information security analysts is forecast by the BLS to rise three times faster than the overall demand for workers in all industries over the next decade. By 2030, American companies will need to hire tens of thousands more information security specialists to monitor their computer systems and growing pools of data.

Some professionals are able to break into the field with just a high school diploma and the right certification, though many employers look for workers with a degree in computer science.

Today, the typical information security analyst takes home $102,600 per year, according to the BLS. That number varies by the sector where the worker is employed. Industry sectors were ranked based on the annual median wage. The data for “industry sector includes” was not included for sectors that had no subsectors. More information about each sector can be found at the BLS.

The most lucrative pay potential for these professionals can be found in Hollywood, large publishing houses, and at major television broadcasters. Working to secure supply chain operations with major wholesalers and retailers can also come with a decent-sized paycheck, per the most recent BLS data.