$10 Million US Dollars, Missing Ransomware Gangs, and so much more!

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Ransomware Attacks Increase As Threat Actors Evolve (2)

Wow, what a week. From new incentives to become a cyber defender to new targets for threat actors, this week had it all. We start with the $10 million dollar information bounty currently offered by the US Government and we end with the startling news of the Trickbot comeback. See? This week was wild–keep reading for the News In Review.


The U.S. government will begin offering up to $10 million for information to identify or locate threat actors working on behalf of foreign governments that are trying to cripple the internet operations of American businesses and infrastructure. The new reward was announced as the U.S. faces a growing threat from ransomware attacks. Apparently, ransomware attacks went up by 300% in the last year alone. These attacks on US enterprises are usually from Russia, according to US officials. For more information about the new incentive, click here.

The REvil ransomware gang, implicated in the high-profile attacks on JBS and Kaseya, seems to have disappeared. Cybersecurity researchers report that the entirety of the group’s infrastructure, from extortion pages to servers, has gone offline. The group has even closed up pages advertising its services on the dark web. Even on the dark web, no trace of the group can be found. Authorities are unsure if this vanishing act is permeant or part of a larger scheme. To learn more about the missing gang, click here.

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An “imminent ransomware campaign” will be impacting SonicWall’s Secure Mobile Access 100 series and Secure Remote Access products, according to a security advisory from the vendor. SonicWall published a security advisory Wednesday for unpatched and end-of-life (EOL) 8.x firmware versions of its SMA 100 and SRA devices. According to the vendor, threat actors are “actively targeting” and exploiting a known vulnerability in an “imminent ransomware campaign” using stolen credentials. The advisory doesn’t identify the vulnerability. Impacted devices include SRA 4600/1600 (EOL 2019), SRA 4200/1200 (EOL 2016), SSL-VPN 200/2000/400 (EOL 2013/2014), and SMA 400/200, supported in “Limited Retirement Mode.” To read the full story about the potential attack, click here.