25 Jobs That Surprisingly Don’t Require a College Degree

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Studies have suggested there are clear correlations between attaining higher levels of education and employment rates, with 2020 data showing more than two-thirds of young adults with a bachelor’s degree are employed.

However, rising tuition fees, coupled with the prospect of spending years more at college, means tertiary education is not an option enjoyed by everyone.

Fortunately, excellent jobs are still available to those eager to kick-start their career with an enviable starting salary straight out of high school.

We’ve picked out 25 such jobs and how much you can expect to earn, using data from PayScale. Take a look through the list below.


Average salary: $59,790

A college degree is not always required for the potentially lucrative job of Stockbroker
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Stockbrokers buy and sell stocks at the direction of clients and act as intermediaries between them and the markets.

Although prospective stockbrokers and traders frequently major in finance or business-related subjects, a specific major field is not stipulated, meaning a college degree is not always required for this potentially lucrative job.

Mining construction

Average salary: $59,255

Mining construction
A college degree is not necessary when starting in mining construction
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Working in mining construction involves ensuring valuable underground reserves of minerals, metals and fuel are extracted safely and efficiently.

While a college degree is not necessary when starting in this industry, certain entry-level jobs do require specialised licences for operating heavy machinery.


Average salary: $51,709

A college degree in accountancy is not necessary to progress in accountancy
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A job in accountancy involves being responsible for maintaining and interpreting financial records.

While a college degree in accountancy is not necessary to progress in the company, obtaining an associate’s degree is certainly recommended.

Commodities trader

Average salary: $79,522

Commodities trader
Although most commodity traders possess a college degree, high school leavers with sufficient maths ability can still qualify
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A commodity trader is a job dedicated to investing in physical substances…