4 Free Online Cyber Security Testing Tools For 2021

Set of must-have online security tools that we believe may make a real difference to your cybersecurity program and improve your 2021 budget planning.

In September, Gartner published a list of “Top 9 Security and Risk Trends for 2020” putting a bold emphasis on the growing complexity and size of the modern threat landscape.

Incomplete visibility of external Attack surfaces led to the dramatic increase in disastrous breaches and data leaks during 2020, compromising PII and other sensitive data of millions of victims. These incidents stemmed from sophisticated intrusions by malicious nation-state actors and APT hacking groups, human error, and widespread misconfigurations exposing unprotected cloud storage or databases with confidential data to the Internet.

Gartner’s security analysts recommend automating laborious security tasks and processes, amid the ongoing shortage of cybersecurity skills, and promptly addressing emerging cloud and containers security risks.

Gartner also recommends paying special attention to privacy and regulatory requirements to avoid harsh fines and other sanctions and commencing implementation of a zero-trust model within your organization regardless of its size.

While the spiraling pandemic has brought a devastating impact on many organizations and enterprises around the globe, most companies chaotically attempted or moved their business processes to the unaffected digital space. Most cybersecurity budgets were, however, also battered as a collateral effect of the overall economic downturn. The shrinking budgets unsurprisingly exacerbated stressful digital transformation by gross disregard of security and privacy ingredients of the subtle process.

Cybersecurity spending is nonetheless projected to rebound and spike again in 2021, providing relief for jaded CISOs, and their exhausted IT Security teams. In the meantime, we would like to acquaint you with an awesome set of free security tools that we believe may make a palpable difference for your cybersecurity program and 2021 budget planning.

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