5 Actionable Tips to Keep Your Passwords From Being Hacked

It’s no secret that the internet has become a breeding ground for hackers and criminals. The headlines are full of stories about people getting their identities stolen, their money drained from bank accounts, or worse yet, being blackmailed.

It’s not just celebrities who have been hacked either – it happens to ordinary citizens too. And the scary thing is that hacks at times do occur due to weakness from your side. Here’s how to arm yourself well.

1) Use a Password Manager

You might think that because your passwords are different on every site, they would be safe – but this isn’t always true. All of those sites can be breached by one hacker if he gets into any of them.

They can then use the information there to access all your other accounts. This is why you need a password manager.

With it, you can have unique and complex passwords for each site while still only remembering one master password that will unlock all of them at once. You even don’t have to place your master password. Password Managers come with several built-in security features so they can be accessed only by you.

It’s essential to seek professional help on the different forms of password hacks. This way, you learn the best ways to safety. If it’s phishing, for instance, professional guidance in business and enterprises will show you how best to enlighten you on the threats to your business security.

In the modern world, it’s worthwhile to learn about the different routes cybercriminals use in laying traps.

2) Utilize Multi-Factor Authentication

Don’t think that just because you have a secure password with numbers and letters, numbers, and special characters make it safe from being hacked. That’s not enough to protect your accounts anymore. Hackers are now targeting the user themselves by utilizing phishing and social engineering.

Criminals will wait until you’re logged in before they try to hack you. So, before logging in through your password, the site…