5 Great Tips to Hack Laptop Camera using IP Address

Protect yourself from online attacks that threaten your identity, your files, your system, and your financial well-being.

So, you want to hack someone’s laptop camera using their IP address? Now yes, doing that is possible. Someone might even have hacked yours and looked at what you are doing and ironically judging you on what a creep you are.

Well, before I judge you for even coming and reading this article, I will warn you very clearly that what you are about to do is very illegal. This article does not encourage hacking someone’s webcam for stalking and spying on them and it was written for the sole purpose of educating the masses and how to best look out and protect themselves from such vulnerabilities.

Now before going in for that webcam video, the first thing you need to get is access to your victims’ computer. Streaming the webcam is the easy part. So, here’s how to get access to your victim’s computer.

1. You can use Social Engineering

Social Engineering is a hacking tool that predates computers as well. By social engineering you trick someone through browser ads or other methods that show that their computer has been infected with a very dangerous virus or malware and they will have to contact you on the given number where the receiver poses as a Microsoft representative. Once the call has been established, you can very easily trick them into installing software that will enable remote access and with that a direct line to the webcam. This is a very fool proof way of getting access to a victim’s computer and you can even install other malwares which will eliminate the need for using the remote access software and directly stream their webcam.

2. You can use Remote Access Trojans

Normally used for nefarious and criminal purposes, remote access trojans are tools that trick your computer to provide administrator privileges to your victim’s computers. These programs can be installed using nefarious chrome extensions or websites and are practically invisible to your victims. If your victim likes to go on to pirate sites then you can very easily hook them there by bundling it with a piece of software or a game you know they will install.

3. Make the Victims PC a part of your Botnet

Botnets are basically a string or a network of PCs that can be…