7 Cheap OV SSL Certificates of 2023

While there is an increased adaptation of technology, it is also true that the rate of online attacks is also increasing. Every day, tons of cyber threats lurk around, and it just takes a lack of proper website security to compromise data worth millions. To avoid such catastrophe, proper website security measures are taken, and one of them is using an SSL certificate. As you already know, the certificate encrypts the data shared between the server and the client.

Today, if you have your website, it is no longer a luxury but a necessary act of ensuring website security. Due to its robust nature, an Organization Validated SSL Certificate is used by businesses that have their own website dealing with lots of transactions and confidential organizational data.

We expect you to choose from a wide range of cheap OV SSL certificates to protect your business. The price of these certificates begins from $21.99/yr, which is the cheapest you can find on the internet. Let us start with the list.

What are the Cheap Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificates?

As there are tons of different SSL certificates available, it can be challenging to navigate. However, the general rule of thumb here is to use a certificate that a trusted Certificate Authority issues, and you can’t go wrong. With that in mind, take a look at these seven cheap OV SSL certificates:

  • Comodo Instant SSL Certificate
  • Comodo Instant SSL Pro Certificate
  • Comodo Premium SSL Certificate
  • Sectigo OV SSL Certificate
  • Comodo UCC SSL Certificate
  • Comodo MDC SSL Certificate
  • Sectigo OV UCC SSL Certificate

1. Comodo Instant SSL Certificate

Comodo Instant SSL is an affordable and reliable OV (Organization Validated) SSL certificate considered ideal for securing government websites, business websites that deal with internal confidential information, or any light e-commerce websites on a limited budget. It is a suitable option for showing the legitimacy of your website via visual indicators such as a dynamic site seal. In addition, users can also check your organization details like company name, locality, province, and country name within the certificate, proving that your business has been verified by a trusted and globally recognized…