8 Most Common Causes of a Data Breach

Data breaches are a rising global threat. According to IBM and the Ponemon Institute, data breaches reached a record high in the last two years. Over 2,200 cyberattacks happen daily, costing large companies $4,24 million with each attack. The most frustrating part of these recurring events is that the causes of data breaches remain pretty much the same for private persons and companies alike.

The mitigation of data breaches strictly depends on how high you regard the data managed by your company. Don’t underestimate the importance of data loss prevention-it’s key given the ongoing proliferation of cybercrime. Learning about the most common causes of data leaks is useless unless you take action to prevent these events. In the following lines, we discuss eight common causes of security breaches and how to solve these issues with effective measures.

Weak Passwords

What is the number one cause of data breaches? You’ll likely find that weak passwords are the top reason. According to the Harris Poll, 75% of Americans are duly frustrated with maintaining secure passwords. Out of that number, over 24% use common passwords such as sequential numbers, a single word, or a combination of three letters and three numbers. 49% of password users only change a single character or digit on their password when they’re prompted to update them.

Keeping a strong password isn’t that difficult. Many cybersecurity experts agree that combining a single sentence with different cases and numbers is more than enough. A single word won’t do the trick since you usually choose something inherent to your character. Hackers with experience in social engineering can pick up on that to figure out your digital keys. If keeping track of your passwords is a chore, we suggest you invest in a reliable password manager service to make life easier. 

Criminal Hacking

Criminal hacking—it’s what causes the majority of data breaches. These are planned attacks by cybercriminals always looking to exploit computer systems or networks. Some common techniques include phishing, password attacks, SQL injections, malware infection, and DNS spoofing. Cyber actors know their way around these methods, and they know how…