8 Ways To Prevent Security Camera Hacks

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Keeping your home or business safe from intruders is of the utmost importance, which is why investing in security cameras is a good plan of action. If you’re zeroing in on the purchase of a web-connected surveillance product, there are plenty of features to which you’ll want to pay attention. These include the field of view, resolution, motion capabilities, and storage options. But what about an issue becoming more common the more people invite this tech into their homes? How to prevent security camera hacks.

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Here’s the thing: If your camera connects to the Internet (many DIY security cameras do these days), then you’re at risk of getting hacked. In fact, any device that’s connected to your Wi-Fi, including the network itself, can potentially be breached.

That said, there are several precautions and buying decisions you can make to prevent security camera hacks. Here are several recommendations to get you started on preventing security cameras from being hacked.

Create Strong Usernames and Passwords

We get it. You have an evergrowing list of accounts across a wide array of platforms and services, and they all require some combination of username and password. While it can be tempting to use the same credentials repeatedly (mainly for the ease of remembering all those blasted logins), this is precisely the kind of behavior that hackers are betting on from you. If your login is the same for Device A (your Wi-Fi network) and Device B (your security camera), you’re putting your privacy and data in danger.

best password manager

best password manager

When creating account info for your security camera (and other hardware), it pays to be as convoluted as possible. Opt for passwords with multiple case changes, numerics, special characters and long lengths. Simply put, the harder it is to guess in the first place, the harder your security camera will be to hack.

Change Your Passwords Often

Consider this an extension of the above suggestion. Suppose you’re choosing complicated logins to make it difficult for hackers to breach your security…