85% of Android users are concerned about privacy

Google’s security guidelines also drew the majority of this year’s requests in apps, according to Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website.

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Eighty-five percent of users are most interested in finding out how to set up privacy settings for services on Android, according to data collected by Kaspersky’s Privacy Checker website.

Kaspersky said the information comes from anonymized data voluntarily provided by users of the website. As for apps, the majority of this year’s requests were related to Google security guidelines (22%), Kaspersky said.

Concerns over digital privacy are widespread. A “Digital Privacy and Security Survey” conducted by the Calyx Institute in 2021, found that 80% of respondents were worried about the topic of digital privacy over the last year and 59% said they felt more aware of how their data is treated than a year ago.

The Privacy Checker data also found there were far more requests for privacy guidelines for services on the Android platform compared with other operating systems. Windows and iOS got the same result (6%), and the lowest number of requests were recorded for Mac (3%).

Android requests were most popular

Figures for the most viewed pages on the Privacy Checker website also confirm that Android requests were the most popular, with the top five related to instructions for this OS. The highest number of users were interested in medium-level privacy settings for Google (17%).

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The next three positions all recorded the same number (9%), and these were medium privacy rules for Chrome and WhatsApp, as well as the strictest guidelines for Google. The fifth was medium-level security instructions for Facebook (7%).

For services settings, users were most often interested in guidelines for Google (22%), WhatsApp (14%), operating systems privacy rules and Chrome (12% each). Instagram (11%) closed the top five, slightly outperforming Facebook this year in terms of the number of requests at 10%.

Additionally, on the Privacy Checker platform, users can choose from three different levels of security settings: tight,…