$99 Raspberry Pi-sized “supercomputer” hits Kickstarter goal

A prototype of Parallella. The final version will be the size of a credit card.

A month ago, we told you about a chipmaker named Adapteva that turned to Kickstarter in a bid to build a new platform that would be the size of a Raspberry Pi and an alternative to expensive parallel computing platforms. Adapteva needed at least $ 750,000 to build what it is calling “Parallella”—and it has hit the goal.

Today is the Kickstarter deadline, and the project is up to more than $ 830,000 with a few hours to go. As a result, Adapteva will build 16-core boards capable of 26 gigaflops performance, costing $ 99 each. The board uses RISC cores capable of speeds of 1GHz each. There is also a dual-core ARM A9-based system-on-chip, with the 16-core RISC chips acting as a coprocessor to speed up tasks.

Adapteva is well short of its stretch goal of $ 3 million, which would result in a 64-core board hitting 90 gigaflops, and built using a more expensive 28-nanometer process rather than the 65-nanometer process used for the base model. The 64-core board would cost $ 199.

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