a program named neospace internet security installed itself on my computer and I cannot remove it?

i went on my computer one day and this program named “neospace internet security v3.0” automatically ran itself, scanning my computer for viruses. i already have a firewall and whatnot so i dont need it. my computer security deemed it a “suspicious file”. i tried to remove it on control panel and tried to put it into the recycle bin, but it refused. i need help please!!!!!

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  1. getinkt says:

    sorry dude, but once infected, there is no way to know what else has been modified, you can try restoring you computer, but that may not work… The only sure fire way is to format and re-install…sorry

  2. Jimmy J says:

    My brother had some program that his son installed on the family computer. It would not remove via the “remove software” option from the control panel. I went to a command prompt and removed the directory that the program was installed in. I then rebooted the computer, ran the remove software option from the control panel and got a message asking me if I wanted to remove the entry since the software was gone. I then cleaned up the registry and he had no more problems.

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