Afraid Of Digital Banking? Here’s What You Need To know To Avoid Online Fraud

New Delhi: In this new era of digitalisation, are you someone who is afraid of online banking? Well, don’t worry, you are not alone. Though the COVID era sent digital transactions rocketing, many people are still reluctant to take their banking to the internet on account of fraud. One wrong click can land you in numerous financial troubles. However, there are safety measures to prevent such cyber financial fraud, even if you are a regular user of digital transactions.Also Read – Forgot UPI PIN? Here’s How to Generate It. Follow Step-by-step Guide Here

One can make the best utilization of digital transactions by arming themselves with the power of knowledge and basic awareness. Remember, fraudsters can also avail the benefits of advancements in technology. So, here are the eight important ways to safeguard yourself from online payments. Also Read – UPI Scam Alert: Do Not Make These Silly Mistakes While Making Online Payment

Use smart, verified apps only

Mobile applications are great for quick access to a variety of services. Whether is a financial app or games app, be mindful of installing applications on your mobile phone and make sure you are using a verified app. Download the applications only from authentic play stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store or Windows App Store. Also Read – ‘Telecom Penetration To Determine Banking Penetration In India’

Browse only secure and authorized websites

A website might look professional, however, you should avoid making online payments unless you are sure that it is genuine. Be aware of website domain names that may look similar to the original one in the URL. Browse only those websites that carry “https://” preceding with “www” and domain name in the URL.

Use secure connections

The urge to use unsecured public connections can also lead to a problem as it becomes accessible to cyber fraudsters on the prowl. They can monitor your activity and gain access to your smartphone with the help of advanced technology. Hence, if you are going to make an online payment, be sure to do it using a secure private internet connection.

Be watchful while using card

Always make card payments in front of your eyes and check…