AI in e-Commerce: How Artificial Intelligence is Being Leveraged in the Online Retail Space

Vancouver, Kelowna, Delta, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – March 22, 2022) –, a global investor news source covering Artificial Intelligence, issues a report on how AI technology is accelerating e-Commerce revenue, featuring emerging tech company, GBT Technologies Inc. GTCH.

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It’s no secret that the adoption of e-commerce benefited enormously from the COVID-19 pandemic – when many people were less able or willing to shop at brick and mortar retailers – but it is also witnessing growth as a consequence of increasing convenience afforded by the use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. In fact, a report published by Vantage Market Research finds that the global AI in Retail market will grow from $2.93 billion USD in 2021 to $17.08 billion by 2028. While this report encompasses brick and mortar outlets as well, it is still indicative of the general trend toward AI adoption both on and offline.

Some of the principle ways AI is being leveraged in e-commerce, according to an article from betanews, is through the application of real-time data analytics, interactive experiences such as virtual shopping rooms, personalization based on demographics and search data, and enhanced customer service and customer relationship management (CRM) through the use of virtual assistants and chatbots.

GBT Technologies Inc. GTCH, a development-stage company which considers itself a native IoT creator, developing Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled mobile technology platforms, recently announced that it had entered into a revenue sharing agreement with online retailer Mahaser LTD dba Ravenholm Electronics, commencing March 1, 2022. For the agreement, GBT is testing its AI platform – AVANT! AI – “to identify opportunities with respect to e-commerce sales through the world’s biggest online retail platform.”

Ravenholm Electronics itself is an e-commerce retailer with 5+ Best Seller Tags, specializing in video game products and accessories, and boasts over 2,000 active, profit-driving SKUs (stock-keeping units). Operating as it does in…