Alleged ShinyHunters Hacker Group Member Arrested

Sebastian Raoult (Le Français Sébastien Raoult), aka Sezyo, was arrested on June 1st, 2022 from the Rabat international airport and is believed to be one of the alleged members of the infamous ShinyHunters group.

A French student has been detained in Morocco on Interpol Red Notice after the US FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) accused him of being “one of the important members” of the infamous ShinyHunters group and hacking into hundreds of American organizations.

Arrest Details

Sebastian Raoult (Le Français Sébastien Raoult), aka Sezyo, was arrested on June 1st 2022 from the Rabat international airport. The suspect wanted to board a flight to Brussels, Belgium. According to the FBI, the suspect is allegedly part of a group of hackers called ShinyHunters.

Sebastian Raoult (Le Français Sébastien Raoult) Image credit: L’Obs (Nouvel Obs)

Apart from Raoult, four other French residents were questioned upon the request of the FBI. Raoult was arrested after Interpol issued a red notice against him. A Washington State prosecutor issued the notice.

US Seeking Extradition of the Frenchman

The US now demands the suspect’s extradition to the USA for cyber fraud and cybercrime allegations. However, Raoult’s lawyer, Philippe Ohayon, has rejected this idea, claiming that the case falls under French jurisdiction since the alleged acts were committed in France by French national(s).

It is worth noting that extraditing a French national isn’t so easy because the country has previously refused to extradite young offenders for hacking charges. For instance, as pointed out by Dissent Doe of, none of the French citizens charged as GnosticPlayers were extradited to the USA.

The USA is currently seeking extradition from Morocco, though.

Who’s the Suspect?

The 21-year-old Raoult from Epinal was a computer science student. L’Obs, a weekly French news magazine reports that he has been held in Tiflet prison since he was arrested. He is facing a 116-year prison sentence for the charges attributed to him. The accused’s father stated that his son was just a student and he could not possibly be involved in…