Am I using adequate security software on my computer?

I have been performing frequent banking trasactions over the web for some years and never had any problems.

I’m currently using my Vista Security suite along with Avast antivirus.

Any suggestions about improving the security of my computer and online transactions?

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  1. Linux OS says:

    Not using Vista is one big step up. You can greatly increase security by upgrading to something like Ubuntu:

    If you stick with Vista, then use McAfee’s 12-in-1 security suite.

  2. Webman says:

    keep your anti-spyware and anti-virus updated, + a firewall. also it would be good to ensure that the servers you are using w/ the transactions are encrypted, also would be a good idea to have verisign or some other phishing filter to ensure you are on a legit site. also common sense works wonders!

    by the way, another tip is to not check “remember my password” on your pc, and use strong passwords and security questions with your accounts, and not to use the same passwords. change ’em regularly.

    only do transactions with trusted sources

    also, don’t have any sensitive personal information stored on your pc, also would be a good idea to be enrolled in an ID protection program.

    good luck

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