Amazon Sidewalk expands beyond homes to build a commercial Internet of Things

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Amazon Sidewalk is a long-range, low-power IoT network that uses Bluetooth and LoRa radios, which are built into Echo and Ring devices, to connect devices with Amazon’s cloud when they’re beyond the reach of traditional home networks. The pitch was meant to leverage the connected gadgets in peoples’ homes to keep things like Tile trackers and outdoor smart lights online, no matter where they might be. But relying on homes that opt in creates some obvious coverage gaps in rural areas, industrial regions and other places where the sidewalk ends.

Now, Amazon is introducing a new gadget designed to help fill those gaps. Dubbed the Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro by Ring and intended for farms, factories and other nonresidential settings, the Bridge Pro is a dedicated device housing the radios needed to relay Sidewalk’s signals to the cloud. Rather than targeting consumers, who can already turn Sidewalk on via their Echo smart speakers and Ring cameras, Amazon is seeking to partner with industries and organizations beyond the reach of the current network.

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