Amazon’s Best Mobile Security Book for IT Professionals

We’ve listed Amazon’s best mobile security books that IT professionals should consider adding to their reading list.

Knowledge of mobile security is in high demand among organizations considering the maintenance and protection of their mobile devices. The “new normal” of pandemics and subsequent remote work further increases the demands on mobile device security knowledge and skills. Few resources match the details and comprehensive details of one of the best mobile security titles on Amazon.

The editors of Solutions Review have done a lot for you by curating this list of the best mobile security titles on Amazon. These books are selected based on the total number and quality of reader user reviews and their ability to add business value. Below is a library of titles from recognized industry analysts, experienced practitioners, and subject matter experts across the depths of mobile device security and management. This edit contains publications for practitioners of all skill levels.

Note: The titles are not listed in any particular order.

6 mobile security books for bookshelves

Book title: Wireless and mobile device security

Our take: The author, Jim Doherty, has held various VP and executive positions in marketing, sales, and engineering teams.In addition to this resource on wireless and mobile security, Doherty Simplified networking A series of books.

Description: The world of wireless and mobile devices is evolving day by day, and many individuals rely solely on wireless devices at work and at home. As the use of mobile devices grows, organizations need to be educated to decide how to protect this technology and protect their assets. Wireless and mobile device security explores the evolution from wired and wireless networks and their impact on the corporate world. Use case studies and real-world events to describe the security measures you need to take to mitigate risk assessments, threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches in your wireless network.

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Book title: Mobile Device Security: A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Information in a Mobile World

Our take: Written by information security expert Stephen Fried, this book covers topics such as mobile…