American Dental Association hit in ‘cybersecurity incident’ • The Register

In brief The Black Basta crime gang has claimed it infected the American Dental Association with ransomware.

While the professional association confirmed to The Register it was the victim of a “cybersecurity incident” that occurred on or around April 21, it did not disclose the nature of the attack.

As of Friday last week, the organization “is currently executing an ongoing, active and vigorous investigation into the nature and scope of the technical difficulties in cooperation with federal authorities,” we’re told. “The ADA recognizes unsubstantiated reports are being circulated by organizations with no connection to this investigation.”

In an earlier email sent to a member and shared with The Register, the ADA said the attack disrupted some of its email, phone, and chat systems. We note that the ADA’s website suggests people contact a address if they have any queries, indicating the extent of the cyber-assault.

The association also notified federal law enforcement and hired third-party security specialists “to investigate the impact on ADA systems and restore full system functionality,” the email said. “At this time, there is no indication any member information or other data has been compromised, however our investigation is still underway.” 

The Malware Hunter Team tweeted that Black Basta, a new ransomware gang, was behind the attack, and showed a screenshot in which the crooks claimed to have leaked 30 percent of the data stolen in the attack. 

The same group of miscreants also claimed responsibility for a blow against German wind turbine company Deutsche Windtechnik, which was hit by a cyberattack in April. That biz hasn’t said if that was a ransomware attack.

Because of the crime gang’s emergence, and its preference for double-extortion ransomware techniques, some security researchers have suggested this could…