Android Vs Windows Vs macOS

According to Apple Insider, more than 34 million new malware samples have been discovered so far in 2022. A report from “Atlas data” reveals that by 2022, malware developers will create more than 316,000 new malware threats every day. The team’s information is based on data analysis of independent antivirus and security vendor AV-Test GmbH. The Windows system is the most vulnerable mobile system. However, Google’s Android system is more vulnerable than the macOS system. 

Android Vs Windows Vs iOS

January saw the largest increase in new malware development, with 11.41 million new malware samples registered in the first month of 2022. There were 8.93 million malware samples in February relative to 8.77 million in March. By the end of the first quarter of 2022, there were 29.11 million new malware threats. By this count, at least 5.65 million new malware samples were discovered in April.

As for the breakdown between platforms, Microsoft Windows had 25.48 million new malware samples in 2022. For the Android system, the new malware is only 536,000. This is quite unprecedented as we expected the number to be much higher. As for the macOS system, it had the least malware samples in 2022. The report claims that there were only about 2000 new malware samples. 

Despite the relative rarity of macOS malware, Apple still found the number of threats on the platform “unacceptable” compared to iOS. Vulnerabilities and exploits are not unheard of on iOS, but they are rarer than on macOS. The prevalence of malware on competing platforms such as Android and Windows has been at the heart of Apple’s arguments against opening up its platforms. Apple has repeatedly argued that opening up its system as the U.S. and European Union antitrust request could cause real harm to user privacy and security.

Microsoft Windows 11 Android Subsystem Update

Microsoft updated the WSA (Android-based Windows Subsystem) on the Win11 system (version 2204.40000.15.0). The system version was updated to Android 12.1, which is Android 12L. Thanks to this, Android apps are now better integrated with Windows, and you can now see which apps are using your microphone. Users can also see information on private information like…