Anonymous #OpRussia Reports Metro System Hack, Counter-Disinformation Milestone

The #OpRussia cyber warfare campaign launched shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine reported that more than 70 million counter-disinformation messages have been sent to Russians through one tool while Anonymous and allied hacktivists reported intrusions into the country’s transportation and financial critical infrastructure sectors.

Ghost Security announced Tuesday that it had gained access to IT systems servicing Russia’s metro systems and “found something crazy”: “The controls to the smoke system, the AC (TEMP) in each train (labeled car in attached images), battery system, and much more. Found the full building blueprints with the temp control, we have also found the reports on every train and soon we will be publishing all the data.”

“FOR NOW Please enjoy the fact that we will be fucking with your trains especially the ones entering or exiting Belarus, and entering or exiting Ukraine,” GhostSec said in an open message to metro safety systems provider Metrospetstekhnika. “UPDATES WILL COME ALONG AS WE CONTINUE FUCKING WITH THE METRO.”

Network Battalion 65 continues to use a modified version of the Conti ransomware against Russian entities, announcing Sunday its attack on Petersburg Social Commercial Bank (JSC Bank PSCB). “We’re very thankful that you store so many credentials in Chrome,” NB65 tweeted. “Well done.”

“While you are not the biggest, your strategic importance to the federation is plain to see,” NB65 said in its note to the bank. “Wealthy oligarchs and your government have moved plenty of funds through your services. How do we know, you’re wondering? Because we have all of your transaction records, E-tax records, client data, keys, tokens, databases, and more.” The forthcoming data dump is promised to be about 800GB.

The group told the bank that its environment was “fully encrypted with the ransomware kit created by Russian state actors that was so destructive to the world: Conti. By now you’re also aware that we have modified it, and continue to in order to make it more effective against Russian targets. We’re happy to be a thorn in your side.”

“Federation government: your lack of honor and blatant war crimes have…