Apple warns users that many of its devices are vulnerable to hacking, without update

If you’re one of the billion and a half people who use an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, Apple says it’s ‘critical’ that you update your device after it was alerted to a major security flaw in the operating system that has left many of those devices vulnerable.

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It’s a rare warning, from the company. Typically, it releases regular updates that include some sort of reference that unnamed security issues have been fixed. This time, Apple is suggesting many of those devices are in the crosshairs of troublemakers.

Houston tech expert Juan Guevara Torres says the weakness comes from a likely, unintentional hole in the code that drives the operating system on most devices, “It looks like it’s affecting every device Apple made, since 2015.”

The trouble comes from malware that gained access, through web surfing, which could allow a hacker to get full access. 

“That malware can take control of your devices,” says Guevara Torres, “For example, it can access your contacts, your pictures, your personal information, a lot of information that is there.”

Apple is not commenting on the security issue, except to say it is aware of a report that it may have been actively exploited, and that a patch is now available. Updating is an easy process, found in the system preferences in the device settings. 


If you haven’t done it already, there’s a notice that the update is ready. Guevara Torres warns users that there’s no time to waste. 

“They need to update their devices right now. This is what Apple calls an ‘exploit’ that is being used actively, meaning they have already seen…