Apple @ Work: FaceTime gets much needed upgrades in macOS Monterey, but here’s what it should add next for enterprises

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In macOS Monterey, Apple is adding some much-needed upgrades to FaceTime, and it’s making it a clear competitor to Zoom for small businesses. This week, I want to go in-depth on what’s new with FaceTime in macOS Monterey and examine what Apple could do next to continue to make it a viable video conferencing alternative for businesses.

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What’s new in FaceTime for macOS Monterey?

FaceTime sees its most significant upgrade in 2021 since its original release. While many of these features would have been nice in the 2020 pandemic, it’s great to see Apple getting in much-needed upgrades in the future. FaceTime is still one of the easiest ways to do video calls, thanks to its integration with iMessage groups.

I am a heavy Facetime user with a few friends who live out of town. So throughout the week, I’ll frequently initiate FaceTime calls with a group text so I can catch up with friends. There’s a simple button in the top right on the iPhone FaceTime app to begin a call.

In macOS Monterey, FaceTime will feature Spatial Audio to create a “sound field that helps conversations flow as easily as they would face to face.” It will also isolate your voice from background noise and blur the background of your video. Android and PC users can now use FaceTime with their Apple counterparts as…