Are your home’s router, TV, phones hack-free?

Our homes are more connected than ever before. Between Alexa, smart home devices, and Wi-Fi throughout our houses, there’s no escaping the reach of the internet in our domestic lives. On the one hand, this has made daily living more convenient, with voice command or button services. On the other hand, by connecting everything in our home to the internet, we open ourselves up to hackers, thieves and cybercriminals.

When we talk about the threat posed by hackers, it’s important to remember that cybercrime, by definition, requires the use of the internet. The connections we use between all of our devices are the vectors that criminals use to attack us.

Once inside our devices or data, hackers can compromise our finances, steal important information and wreak havoc on our personal lives.

To safeguard our homes from hackers, the best strategy is to hack-proof the most common points of entry: routers, smart TV’s, voice assistants and smartphones.

Let’s go over the best ways to secure these essential home devices, allowing you to create a safer environment for you and your family’s personal data.

Hack-proofing your home router

Your router is your home’s overall gateway to the internet. Any networked devices must pass information through your router, making it the number one target for hackers looking to compromise your entire system.

Routers themselves typically have several features that allow users to defend against intruders, such as encryption, passwords and firewalls. While these are useful, routers can still have vulnerabilities if not regularly maintained. Consider this guide a form of “security housekeeping” that allows you to stay on top of your router’s weak spots with regular checkups and updates.

Stay up to date

As technology products, routers are constantly being updated and improved by their developers. Typically, router manufacturers will release software updates to your device when they spot critical security flaws or glitches that make their products more…