Arlo Go 2 Review – Remote or mobile security is getting easier and better

Arlo has established itself as one of the leading names in DIY security camera setups. With options through its range from 1080p to 4K resolution and a variety of features, there’s little wonder why. The Arlo Go 2 is the second iteration of the mobile security camera and while there’s an improvement, there are a few little concerns too.

The main concern that will potentially deter a lot of potential buyers is the cost. Coming in at $429.00 for a single camera and only one battery, it’s the second most expensive single camera in the Arlo range. If you’re looking at cameras for home use only, look at another model because this one isn’t for you. There are, however, a lot of features built in that work towards justifying that cost as a truly mobile; if somewhat niche solution.

What is it?

This is a camera that is designed to be used primarily outdoors with an IP65 rating and is capable of withstanding -20c to 45c temperatures. It carries a 3,660mAh battery that provides impressive life for the 1080p video capture. It has the capacity to store video locally through an SD Card (optional extra) or store videos in the cloud.

Where this differs from other cameras in the Arlo range is the dual connectivity of Wi-Fi or 4G. This puts the Go 2 in a fairly strong position to be the choice for cameras mounted to a caravan, use on building sites or holiday houses with no permanent internet connection. A significant improvement from the first generation which only had a cellular connection.

It has an 850 nm light as well as LED lighting for visibility and safety if you’re coming into a dark area at night.

When it comes to viewing and communication, the Arlo Go 2 has a very typical range of features. A speaker, siren and microphone on the camera for two-way communication and the ability to ward off unwanted visitors.

Design and setup

One thing that really stands out early on the Go 2 versus some of the other Arlo cameras I’ve previously reviewed is the physical size and weight. It’s heavy enough — 490 grams — that it isn’t practical to have the device magnetically mounted, and in a mobile — ie. Caravan or building site — a scenario that makes it far too easy to…