As UK Charged Daniel Kaye For Cyber-Attack On LoneStar Network, Justice Minister Vows To Get Involve

As the United States Department of Justice arraigned Daniel Kaye, this week, the same person who was approached and hired by Avy Zaidenberg of LISCR, an American citizen to implement the DDOS attack on Liberia, specifically Lonestar MTN, this move comes for his alleged connections to The Real Deal, a dark web market that sold hacking tools and stolen login credentials for U.S. government’s computers.

According to multiple information featured on international news wires noted that  victim management  of Daniel Kaye have begun contemplating plans to launch legal proceedings against Cellcom and Orange Liberia Inc., in relation to the cyber-attack carried out against the company in 2016.

However, our sources further disclosed that one of the culprits, Avy Shah is reportedly on the run amid the trial expected to commence the first week in December, 2022 in London, the United Kingdom

Kaye admitted being hired by a Cellcom operative to launch a cyber-attack on Lonestar in 2016, according to the BBC, Kaye along with Mr. Avishai Marziano, a former Cellcom Telecommunications Limited Chief Executive and Mr. Ran Polani were scheduled to face trial in an English Commercial court in 2019.

In a statement issued at the time, a copy of which was sent to this paper via email, Lonestar Cell MTN confirmed the proceedings against Kaye, saying that it has provided a business impact statement in criminal proceedings against the Briton.

The attack caused considerable damage to Lonestar’s business and disruption to our customers in Liberia. In those circumstances, Lonestar Cell MTN and MTN Group considered it was appropriate and indeed important to provide a business impact statement to explain the impact of the cyber-attack on Lonestar,” a source at the company in an exclusive interview said.

Kaye remains at the heart of a major international investigation into hundreds of acts of cyber sabotage around the world. The National Crime Agency says Kaye is perhaps the most significant cyber-criminal yet caught in the UK.

Kaye was jailed for 32 months at Blackfriars Crown Court in London.  Judge Alexander Milne QC said at the time that Kaye had committed a “cynical” financial crime. He added:…