Balancing Speed, Security and Innovation

Today, digital transformation (DX) is happening in every industry. Organizations operating in sectors that typically eschew technology are moving to the cloud, leveraging IoT and using analytics. Digital transformation plays a critical role for any company to stay competitive and resilient.

But what does digital transformation look like for most companies, and more importantly, how does cybersecurity fit in? What is the best approach when more networks, apps, data and endpoints need to be secured?

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation holds different meanings for different people. But at its core, digital transformation describes the process of improving or upgrading your business by taking advantage of the latest applications, services and technologies. 

When you think about it, digital transformation is nothing new. Remember when organizations shifted from mainframe to PC computing back in the 80s? That was an earlier form of digital transformation. 

But today, digital transformation typically leverages third platform technologies like cloud. Third platform technologies also include data analytics, along with other acceleration technologies like IoT and mobile apps. Altogether, this technology is used to transform business operations. 

There are three primary goals of digital transformation: agility, flexibility and scalability. Agility to meet customer and market demands, flexibility to accommodate the new and ever-changing demands of the workplace and workforce and scalability to enable your organization to get more done.

First, it’s crucial to understand what is driving digital transformation. It’s also important to note that while the two terms mean different things, in most cases, digital transformation and cloud transformation can be used interchangeably.

All About the Cloud

With cloud technology, the barrier to entry for digital transformation is lowered enough so industries that typically have little to do with technology can reap the benefits of modern solutions. Today, the cloud enables blazing-fast transmission speeds, abundant storage capacity and extensive mobile functionality. 

Not surprisingly, these…