Bentonville City Council approves fingerprinting computers

BENTONVILLE — The City Council approved buying two fingerprinting computers for the Police Department on Tuesday night.

The council voted 8-0 to approve a bid waiver for the $23,448 purchase.

The equipment will come from Idemia Identity and Security USA. One device will be for the detention/booking area to transmit mandated arrestee prints to the Arkansas State Police’s automated fingerprint identification system for criminal history tracking, and the other will provide fingerprinting services to the public for various state licensing requirements, background checks, adoptions and conceal carry licenses, according to city documents.

The devices used by the department need updates and are no longer supported by the previous provider, according to city documents. That equipment was purchased in 2013, Police Chief Jon Simpson said.

The new devices should be delivered and set up in four to six weeks, Simpson said. Part of the purchase includes training on how to use the equipment, Simpson said.

Department staff fingerprint anyone arrested in connection with Class A misdemeanors and all felony offenses, Simpson said.

Covid concerns have limited the department to offering the public fingerprinting service to one day a week and only for higher-level needs, Simpson said.

The device that will serve the public should make the service quicker and more efficient for officers and those who require fingerprinting services. The device in the detention area will ensure fingerprints are properly submitted for all people who are arrested, Simpson said.

The council also unanimously approved the city’s bike and pedestrian plan.

Connecting Bentonville identifies strategies to increase safety and connectivity for people who bicycle and walk in Bentonville, according to plan documents.

Connecting Bentonville will serve as a resource and guiding document for implementation of bicycle and pedestrian projects to advance the plan’s vision. The plan was approved by the Planning Commission at its last meeting.

An ordinance to extend the placement of tables, chairs and other items on city public on-street parking spaces adjacent to downtown business establishments from April 30 to Aug. 31 also was…