Best Bill Negotiation Services of 2021

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If you feel like your monthly bills are always increasing, you’re not alone. In some major cities across the U.S., energy bills are expected to spike as much as 10% due to fluctuating fossil fuel prices and climate change. And year over year, it’s not unusual to see your bills creep up thanks to expiring promotions, taxes, fees, add-ons, etc.

Of course, you can always contact your service providers directly when you want to negotiate down fees and subscription charges. But with our busy lives, not everyone has the time to spend hours on the phone with no guarantee they will score a better rate. Increasingly, there are businesses popping up that offer bill negotiation services, either through an app or a website, that lets consumers hire experts to do the work for them.

For a fee (usually a percentage of your total savings), trained professionals who are up-to-date on the latest rates for various companies will negotiate for you with the goal of saving you a nice chunk of change on your monthly bills. After all, these businesses only make money when you save.

Typically, these services can negotiate your phone, internet and cable bills. However, some companies also include medical bill negotiation along with home security and other subscriptions. Usually, all you need to do is upload the monthly bills you want negotiated, and let the experts take it away. Sometimes, you’ll need to give them authorization to do the negotiating.

Select reviewed roughly a dozen bill negotiation companies, looking at fees, types of bills negotiated, Better Business Bureau and consumer reviews and ratings, as well security features. (Read our methodology for more information on how we choose the best bill negotiation services.) Here are our top picks:

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    Charges 50% on whatever savings you earn (can pay monthly or receive 10% discount for paying in full…