Best Ethical Hacking Tools & Software 2022

Hackers are sometimes used as consultants to help companies improve their digital security. Referred to as ethical hackers, they use hacking software to test your systems to see if they’re vulnerable before an attacker does it for you. 

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking is the use of any tools or technology to obtain unauthorized access to or circumvent security measures of a computer system or network. 

An ethical hacker is an independent security tester who checks computer systems, networks, and programs, looking for potential vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Ethical hackers use the same tools and techniques as malicious hackers; however, they do it to improve system security and uphold privacy policies and standards instead of causing damage or stealing information. Examples include penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. 

Companies often hire ethical hackers to perform penetration tests in order to find vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could exploit in an attack. These are also known as black-box tests because they involve using automated tools without knowing how systems are configured or what vulnerabilities may exist. The goal is to simulate real-world attacks so that companies can identify and fix weaknesses before cybercriminals exploit them.

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What are Hacking Tools?

In computer security, a hacking tool is designed to help hackers gain unauthorized access to information. The term usually refers to general-purpose tools used in many types of attacks rather than custom-made exploits for specific systems. Most hacking tools are either open source or freeware/shareware, making them easily accessible for anyone who wishes to use them for malicious purposes.

Security professionals use ethical hacking tools to assess vulnerabilities in computer systems to improve their security. These tools include packet sniffers for intercepting network traffic, password crackers for discovering passwords, and port scanners for identifying open ports on computers. 

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