Best free security downloads for your Windows and Mac

Browsing the internet without protection is like stepping into a monsoon without an umbrella, boots or raincoat. You’ll find yourself in a huge mess and might be swept away by the storm of hackers and scammers. Protecting yourself is as easy as scrolling down this list of the best free security downloads.

We rounded up some of the best ways to protect your computer against viruses, cyberattacks and other threats. We’ve got you covered if you aren’t familiar with how cybersecurity threats work. Tap or click for a quick breakdown of the five most common digital threats you’ll encounter.

There are plenty of ways to protect your devices from harm. You can take preemptive measures like security software or scan your system for malware. Keep reading for the best ways to keep your devices safe — without spending a dime.

1. Spot unwanted devices on your network with Angry IP Scanner

What it is: Angry IP scanner keeps track of everything connected to your network. It scans your network for IP addresses and other information about the devices connected to your network.

Why you want it: It’s useful for troubleshooting tech issues and catching hackers since it pinpoints unknown or suspicious devices on your network. Have trouble connecting a device to your network? Angry IP Scanner can show the exact IP address of specific devices, which will help you fix the issue.

What you need to know: For Angry IP Scanner to run, you must have Java installed.

2. GlassWire checks your network

What it is: Free firewall software that detects malware from people trying to access your computer from afar.

Why you want it: You can use GlassWire to disable malware-ridden apps. Even better, it can stop you from downloading a virus in the first place. These free firewalls make your computer safer, especially when using the internet.

Do you have a Mac instead? This is one of the best free security downloads for you

Just check out Netdata, which you can use on macOS and Linux.

It’s our favorite…