Best secure smartphones of 2021

Though it may be hard to not associate Steve Jobs with the smartphones that we’ve come to not only love but also find vital to our day to day transactions, it was actually IBM’s Simon that first gave us a glimpse of the convenience technology can bring into our lives. At present, even the least tech-savvy individual can’t do without his smartphone for more than a few hours, and almost everything is now done with a few clicks and taps – from taxes to setting up appointments, to even doing groceries. That being said, the non-smartphone era feels like dark times- uncertain, boring, cold. 

25 years later, we’re provided the opportunity to choose from thousands of different smartphone models offering a handful of features to tailor fit our needs. We’ve come so far from the bulky accessories that allowed us to only make phone calls, to small devices that can do complex tasks, search the Internet, take long videos, watch our favorite shows, and even share files.