Biden administration warns quantum computing is poised to break cryptographic security

The Biden administration is warning that advances in quantum computing will soon shatter cryptographic security, making more digital communications vulnerable to hackers worldwide.

Supercomputers’ improving ability to solve complex mathematical problems will undo the effectiveness of the tools and processes used to stymie hackers, according to the administration.  

The government’s solution to the looming vulnerability is to develop new rules, make plans for lengthy and costly updates, and to lean on the private sector and academia for help.

“Current research shows that at some point in the not-too-distant future, when quantum information science matures and quantum computers are able to reach a sufficient size and level of sophistication, they will be capable of breaking much of the cryptography that currently secures our digital communications,” a senior Biden administration official told reporters. “The good news is that this is not an insurmountable problem.”

President Biden is issuing a…