Biden Warns Zelensky That February Invasion Is ‘Distinct Possibility’

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Joe Biden has warned Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelensky that an invasion by Russian forces in February is a “distinct possibility” despite ongoing diplomatic talks.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin continues to “study” the U.S. response to Russia’s security demands – chiefly the expansion of NATO forces in Eastern Europe and the possibility of membership for Ukraine.

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to “study” the U.S. response to his security demands but Kremlin officials claim it is not a “positive reaction” to its main concerns
  • President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke over the phone yesterday for a “check-in”
  • ‘Very concerned’ Americans struggle to leave Ukraine as Russian forces continue to mass at the border
  • U.S. pledges to declassify recon photos and call out Russian manipulation in Ukraine as a “strategic decision to call out disinformation when we see it”
  • Russia continues to debate supplying weapons to militants in Ukrainian Donbas “to deter Kyiv’s clearly planned military aggression”
  • The State Department says Americans should “strongly consider leaving” Ukraine in updated travel advisory