Billions of Android and iPhone owners urged to check signs a criminal is hiding in your device – don’t lose everything

SECURITY experts have warned smartphone users about major signs that criminals are hoping to hack their device.

Androids and iPhones are pretty safe gadgets but no device is fully hackproof, according to cybersecurity experts at Trend Micro.

Hackers have several techniques when it comes to infiltrating smartphonesCredit: Getty

They wrote in a recent blog post: “Unfortunately, no device can ever be 100% hackproof, and the iPhone is no exception.”

The blog lists three potential ways that a hacker can infiltrate your phone.

They’re all pretty common and you may have some of the red flags on your device right now.


The first hacking route the experts pointed out was “malicious apps.”

It’s normal to download apps onto your smartphone, but cybercriminals rely on you not checking what you’re downloading.

You have to be wary of all apps you download onto your device and make sure you’ve double checked the permissions that they want to access.

Try reading the apps reviews and only downloading from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


The Trend Micro experts also warned against using insecure Wi-Fi networks, especially public Wi-Fi.

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Cybercriminals can take advantage of your need to be online and steal data from your device.

Even the FBI has warned to be wary of public Wi-Fi.

“Preventing internet-enabled crimes and cyber intrusions requires each of us to be aware and on guard,” the FBI wrote in a recent announcement.

“Be careful when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and do not conduct any sensitive transactions, including purchases, when on a public network.”


The third threat on the list could be lurking in your email app or text message inbox.

Phishing emails and texts sit waiting on devices, often containing dangerous links, and attachments.

Delete any suspicious messages without clicking on links or revealing any private information.