Billions of Android owners warned of ‘bank-raiding’ attack that can even get around security checks

ALL Android owners have been warned over a new strain of malware that can hide from antivirus programmes.

It is reportedly capable of stealing sensitive data, such as banking information and also deploying nasty ransomware.

It can record all ongoing calls and steal contacts from the victim’s deviceCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Ransomware is a type of virus which stops users from being able to access their own devices – as well as everything that’s stored on it.

It encrypts files and leaves the device essentially useless and the user locked out.

Criminal cyber gangs use this as a ploy to demand ransom from their victim.

Cybersecurity experts at CloudSEK’s threat intelligence research team rang the alarm on this new form of virus.

The malware, which researchers have dubbed Daam, is targeting Android phones as well as Windows PCs.

But Daam was found to be particularly invasive on mobile phones.

It has the ability to record audio from an Android device, without any action from the owner of the phone.

Not only can it also read call logs, but it can record all ongoing calls and steal contacts from the victim’s device.

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Even WhatsApp calls – or audio conversations via other messaging apps – aren’t safe.

This means that if Android owners disclose any sensitive information in those calls – such as banking details – it could be used against them.

The malware is being downloaded accidentally by unsuspecting Android owners when they visit third-party sites, according to researchers.

To stay safe, it’s important Android owners make sure they only download apps from legitimate sources.

It’s also helpful to check reviews before downloading anything, and to make sure the phone’s operating and security systems are up to date.

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