Bitcoin startup runs your miner for less than you might pay for electricity

HashPlex will give your miner a home and feed it cheap power.

There are at least a couple of problems for anybody who wants to run a Bitcoin miner in their home, especially if you buy hardware that’s powerful enough to make some money.

“Miners don’t make very good roommates,” said George Schnurle, VP of engineering for miner hosting startup HashPlex. It’s easy for the most powerful miners to “piss off all your roommates because this noisy hot box is running in your living room.”

Schnurle’s co-founder, CEO and former Microsoft employee Bernie Rihn, was running miners in his apartment, and “he had an extension cord going all the way across the living room because he needed to connect to one of his circuits that didn’t already have a bunch of equipment loaded to it,” Schnurle told Ars. “The one upside of that is he didn’t have to pay a heating bill during the winter here in Seattle because he had these space heaters running in his living room 24/7.”

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