“Blind” Previews Intriguing Ties Between Jung Eun Ji, Taecyeon, Ha Seok Jin, And More With Relationship Chart

The production team of “Blind” has revealed a character relationship chart!

tvN’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Blind” is a mystery thriller that depicts the story of people who have unfairly become victims because they are ordinary and perpetrators who have closed their eyes to the uncomfortable truths. The story centers around detectives, judges, law school students, and jurors.

The relationship chart allows viewers to see at a glance the intertwined relationships of the characters involved in the mysterious serial murder of a jury, stimulating the viewers’ curiosity.

In the chart, from top left to right are the two brothers, Ryu Sung Joon (2PM’s Taecyeon) and Ryu Sung Hoon (Ha Seok Jin), and Jo Eun Ki (Apink’s Jung Eun Ji), who is one of the nine jurors. Detective Ryu Sung Joon and judge Ryu Sung Hoon, who are the sons of Supreme Court justice Ryu Il Ho (Choi Hong Il) and Minister of Welfare nominee Na Gook Hee (Jo Kyung Sook), are on a hunt for the unknown serial killer of the so-called “Joker’s Murder Case” who leaves a brutal signature mark at each crime scene.

Overly motivated and passionate, detective Ryu Sung Joon always makes his older brother Ryu Sung Hoon concerned. The previously released teaser captures the two brothers not being able to trust each other. Anticipation is high for whether these brothers can overcome their distrust and find the culprit.

The chart also depicts the family relationship of Jo Eun Ki, a social worker and juror who is pursuing the truth of the murder case along with Ryu Sung Joon and Ryu Sung Hoon. Growing up with her mother Jo In Sook (Jo Yeon Hee), who took on the responsibility of her family’s livelihood on her own, Jo Eun Ki went through many hurdles in life and became blunt about things. Even when her life is at risk, Jo Eun Ki remains calm. Viewers are curious to find out whether Jo Eun Ki can survive from the unidentified killer who is targeting the jury.

The names and nicknames of the eight jurors involved in the trial of death along with Jo Eun Ki have also been revealed. From top left to right are Kang Young Ki (Kim Ha Kyun), who retired as managing director at a large firm, Bae Chul Ho (Jo Seung Yeon),…