Boris Johnson accused of having his mobile number available online in ‘security breach’

The Prime Minister has been accused of having his mobile phone number available online.

Downing Street has refused to deny that a “well-publicised security breach” in April 2021 that led to the Prime Minister not having access to his old phone was that it was revealed his telephone number was publicly available.

In April last year the cult newsletter Popbitch claimed Boris Johnson’s mobile number was still available on press releases online from when he was shadow higher education minister in 2006.


In his letter to Lord Geidt published on Thursday, the PM said “security issues faced at the time meant I did not have access to my old device” and he could not recall exchanging messages with Tory peer Lord Brownlow.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “It’s longstanding policy that we don’t get into matters relating to security.”

It comes as Downing Street was heavily criticised for messages sent over the revamp of a flat.

Boris Johnson has been accused of lacking care for the role of his ministerial standards adviser as he was told it was “plainly unsatisfactory” that messages between the Prime Minister and a Tory donor were not disclosed in an investigation into the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat.

Lord Geidt told the Prime Minister of his “grave concern” that the missing messages were not provided to him when he was investigating how the flat redecoration was funded, or when Mr Johnson’s old phone – where the messages were stored – was accessed in June last year “for another purpose”.

And he said the incident had “shook his confidence”.

Mr Johnson said he offered a “humble and sincere apology” but that he did not recall the exchange with Tory donor and peer Lord Brownlow.

Downing Street has defended taking two weeks to publish letters between Boris Johnson and Lord Geidt.

The most recent letter between the pair was dated December 23, but was not released until January 6.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister said: “We’ve taken steps to publish as quickly as possible, now that Parliament has returned.”

He said it was “important” the letters were published while Parliament was sitting and added:…