BT broadband speeds continue to get quicker, but millions are still missing out

BT broadband boost

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BT broadband boost

BT broadband customers could soon see a dramatic boost to their download speeds. That’s because the supplier has just announced that more homes than ever can now access its much faster full-fibre cables. BT revealed the latest figures on its fastest broadband speeds during a quarterly earnings call with shareholders. During the update, it announced that over four million homes have now been upgraded to this latest and greatest technology, which brings full-fibre cables directly into homes.

Fibre broadband isn’t anything new with most streets in the UK receiving this upgrade. However, things can often be brought back down to a snail’s pace due to older copper lines that physically connect homes to the network. This is known as the “last mile” problem. As while it’s possible that your town has a next-generation fibre cable running under the streets… that’s not going to stop your Netflix show buffering, or your FaceTime call freezing unless the same cable runs up your drive and into the router in your hallway or living room.

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The rollout of full-fibre-to-premises, or FTTP as it’s known in industry jargon, which is being installed via Openreach, is expected to hit 4.5 million homes by next month with an average of 42,000 premises being connected a week. Once installed, most properties can then expect to see speeds over 300Mbps, which is around five times faster than the UK average and allows a full HD 1080p movie to be downloaded in around 3 minutes.

Along with being faster, full-fibre is also more reliable than older copper cables and isn’t impacted by bad weather – something that can seriously slow down internet delivered over copper cables.

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Speaking about the latest update, Philip Jansen, BT’s Chief Executive, said: “During the current Covid-19 pandemic, BT has continued to deliver for our customers and invest in our networks, our modernisation programme, and our products and…