C-Hear, Leaders in Digital Security, to Host Upcoming Technology and Security Events

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / February 21, 2022 / C-Hear has quickly become industry leaders in digital accessibility and security. The innovators of C-Hear Intelligent Format File (CHIF), have designed a more secure environment to distribute encrypted and time sensitive data in one single data container. Businesses and individuals are in complete control of the encryption and security of their data.

As innovators in an ever-changing technological space, C-Hear delivers support and guidance to individuals and corporations seeking greater security for their data. They have partnered with companies in music and entertainment, finance, and national security, illustrating how using CHIF when used properly, can keep information secure from malware, hacking, and viruses.

In connection with their corporate alliances across the globe, they will be hosting two significant events in April. The first features an important discussion on the future of technology and the internet, while the second will honor dedicated civil servants and members of the United States military.

On April 6, C-Hear will welcome Sir Tim Berners-Lee to the George W. Bush Presidential Center on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Berners-Lee has been called “the father of the World Wide Web and the modern internet,” and he will be speaking about the future of the internet as it enters its 31st anniversary year.

The event, called “The World Wide Web: A Midcourse Correction,” is set to cover several pressing issues, including:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Internet of Things

  • Automation and machine learning

  • Virtual and augmented reality.

  • Developing nations and issues of accessibility

Although in-person seating will be limited, C-Hear will be streaming the event to all universities, students, and faculty who wish to participate.

On April 13, they will be hosting the Megellas Award & 5-Star Award Dinner, an extraordinary night honoring General Joseph F. Dunford in recognition of his distinguished service to the United States military.

It is part of the America’s Future Series, a non-political speaker series for civil discussions on issues impacting U.S. global competitiveness and…