Can anyone tell me a website where you can download free Computer Security?

the website needs to allow me to download full protection from viruses. and it has to be FREE.
also the system requirements has to be 224mb of Ram
and Intel Celeron 2.20Ghz

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  1. Trailerpark Pirate says:

    Avira is the lightest of them all, try it?

    1.(Comodo Internet Security)
    Comodo has put out a great free all in one security suite that’s really sweet!
    I’ve tryed all of the major programs paid and free and this one is right up there with the best! It works great right out of the box and has everything you need to protect your computer and private files plus lots of extras like parental control,DNS service,and many more.It’s also pretty lite on the resources.
    (Free Tools)

    2. (PcTools Internet Security)
    PcTools Internet Security is another great all in one suite that has everything you need to stay safe although not as many features as Comodo this one is a (paid) program but I found a way to get it free legally at this site.

    3. (Malwarebytes,Superantispyware,Avira)
    (Note) These are old school programs but their very effective and reliable!
    Malwarebytes and Superantispyware are both on demand scanners and Avira is a scanner/firewall combo,They work well with each other and are lite and effective, although Avira is prone to giving false positives from time to time?

    Watch this video that shows how to use these programs to kill malware.


    4. “Advanced System Care” is a really good free program that has all kinds of optimizing tools and “IObit Security 360” (Part of ASC) is a really good security system try it out? (Free)

    5.TrendMicro has a free online scanner,and other good tools for fighting malware just look in their free tools.

    6.Bootable rescue CDs

    Stay Safe Out There (^.^)

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