Can anyone tell me whats the Best Internet Security Software out there without slowing your computer?

I would like an elite security software program so i dont get no viruses or anything like that but im not willing to sacrifice the speed of my computer! Any suggestions??

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  1. vivek says:

    I alwayz prefer kaspersky internet security 2009…its a damn good software.It not only secure your computer but also makes your computer fast enough.After installing it in my computer, my internet speed has also been optimized!!!

  2. Simon R says:

    I use a combination of AVG Free for the anti virus, SpyBot and SpywareBlaster to keep the system clean, Sunbelt Kerio firewall to keep the bad guys at bay and Peer Guardian to keep the snoopers at bay.

    All of these are free and I haven’t noticed any slowdown in my system and I tend to push it to the limits with IM software, Photoshop and Firefox open simultaneously all while downloading files not to mention all the programs I have running in the task bar including a web server.

    Hope that helps!

  3. AL sunlight says:

    I would say Synmantic (producers of Norton software products). They are the major specialists.

    However, they don’t have Anto-rootkit and don’t use heurestics like AVG does. And AVG detects all cookies. But Synmantac has better technical help than AVG.

    Threats of surfing the net are expanding every second (see link 2. Even top notch internet securitys like synmatic experience trouble). There are gaps in every major internet security provider (Norton/AVG, etc).
    Especially if your a chinese/japanese hacker – they’re smart and have high IQ’s.

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