Can I be running all these computer security programs at the same time?

I have:
-PC Tools Anti virus
-PC Tools Spyware Doctor
-Spybot S & D
-Comodo Firewall

Can these all be running on the same machine?
And if not could you recommend which ones I delete, or if I should get all new ones?

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  1. J_Cundari123 says:

    Everything depends on your RAM. For instance, a computer with 2 gb’s of RAM could manage that easily. However, a computer with 256 or 512 mb’s of RAM will have a harder time. Look at the programs you have, see if they have actually helped your computer. If they haven’t, get rid of them. I recommend this setup with a computer w/2gb of RAM:

    -AVG anti-virus OR Avast
    -Spybot S&D
    Optional: IObit Security (Nice, but it’s a RAM hogger)

    For a computer with less than 512 mb’s.

    -AVG anti-virus OR Avast
    -Spybot S&D

  2. s2010 says:

    sorry to hear that still you are using pc tools software. they are very poor performers which can compromise your security. comodo fire wall is ok. for antivirus and anti spyware look avg , avira or avast and for antispyware malware bytes anti malware is the best

  3. michael s says:

    PC Tools anti-virus should be running all the time in the start up mode…and also Comodo…..the other ones Spyware Dr and Spybot s/d are all manual start ups… should uncheck those from loading when the computer starts…

    Just a quick note…spybot s/d is an outdated program…..most of the users of that have switched to Malwarebytes anti-malware….

    If your thinking about getting new programs…i have these and been virus free for 2 years..

    Avast anti-virus
    Malwarebytes anti-malware
    Super anti-spyware
    Advanced Care System 3

  4. Tech Specific says:

    A big NO NO…i would not suggest to have more than 1 antivirus installed in your computer..this will slow down your computer speed…

    So its better to have one good antivirus like AVAST Antivirus to install…

    Out of these stick with Spybot S& D..Spyware S&D is a spyware and adware detection and removal tool, which includes removing several advertising components that might assemble statistics and finding numerous keylogging and spy utilities.

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