Can I have Malwarebytes, Rkill and Microsoft Security Essentials on the same computer with no interferring?

I recently got a virus, HDD rescue, and I used Malwarebytes and Rkill to get rid of it. I want to keep the two antispyware programs on my computer to be on the safe side, but I also want Microsoft Security Essentials. Is it ok to have all three?.

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  1. ElSombra says:

    Yes you can have mulptiple Security applications installed on your computer at one time. This actually works well since every program uses a slightly different algorithim to detect virus-behavior. You may see a performance hit if you have two anti-virus programs running concerently, but other than a small slow-down there is no danger to your system.

  2. Ed G says:

    Yes you can. Microsoft Security Essentials is a poor choice in anti-virus software. I was recommending it for awhile. But in two separate tests at two different independent testing labs Microsoft failed to get certified. In one test out of 15 anti-virus software only two failed and one was Microsoft. At the other test at Virus bulletin it failed in the test using windows XP.
    You might want to think about getting Avast or Avira both free version passed.

  3. PyroTech says:

    No, no, no……
    You can have independent programs that cover a certain area……but there are common areas. For example a anti-virus program and a fire wall program both need access to incoming packets of data. I dont think you need further examples, or you would not be asking this question.

    My customers often do this, getting a freebie to cover each of 5 different threats. Usually it involves different companies making the product. Let me make some realities apparent:
    -A firewall covers ports allowing access and server to the outside world through the internet.
    – A good anti-virus program must read the incoming and outgoing packets to read patterns associated with viral activity.
    -The same applies to Mal ware and spy ware activity.
    Each of these must use the same ports, and processes, if they do their job correctly.

    As I have always told our customers, you cant really get around the simultaneous use of the same resources on your computer. It will ALWAYS cause the use of the same resources, and hence, conflicts if not bloated resources allotment

    My suggestion is to use a all-in-one solution such as Norton 360, Kaspersky suite, or Mcaffee total protection. Each from one company, and made to work together.

    The free ones are like a rubber. A false sense if security while you are being screwed.

    You might ask any number of my customers if it was worth it to save money money like that while I wipe their hard drives to make it functional.


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