Can I install a internet security suite software if I already have a virus in my computer?

I just bought the McAfee Internet security suite because we have a virus in our computer. Is it safe to install? Will it remove all viruses in the computer?

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  1. ₡ɧɨ (₡W)™ says:

    Yes, it’s completely safe. When you install McAfee, it will quick scan for viruses automatically during the installation. I use McAfee so I know, and it does not suck like what the other person said. Just know that it might not remove all viruses as there is no single program that can do that. The best program which is Avira, has a detection rate of 99.7%, and that is the best. But, it probably will get rid of all the common ones and most on your computer. I recommend you to also get Ad-Aware 2008 to run along with McAfee like me to remove any spyware cause McAfee takes hours to finish scans.

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