Can I remove the oldest security windows xp on y computer i have 33 updates dating back to 12/07 to 6/09?

I have 33 security updates in my control panel dating back to 12/07 to 06/12/09. can i remove the oldest ones with out losing anything that will hurt my computer

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  1. cbh_chess says:

    Removing any windows updates (old or new) can put your computer at risk and also create windows problems as many of the new updates run on the old ones as their foundations.
    Just keep them there and ignore them – its a long list but thats how it is.

  2. martinmm says:

    SP3 should have replced them.don’t remove them you ‘ll break the chain.instead have sp3 checked. it may not have installed properly.look over the perinstall instructions. there are a couple of things that cannot be installed before sp3 but you can put them back when technet or msdn .

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