Can I run a Separate Firewall software, from my current Internet security software?

For instance,
I am running an Internet security software, which includes firewall protection.
However, I would like to run a separate firewall, one which includes more features.
If this is possible, any recommendations?

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  1. ovdemonz says:

    Off course you can do that. First disable your Internet Security Software firewall feature and install your preferred firewall.

  2. ..::|QATAR|::.. says:

    Yes you can, absolutely. I just installed NOD32 Smart Security, but when the new Outpost Firewall Pro 2008 was out. I disabled the firewall in smart security and install outpost firewall. But then i decided to download NOD32 anti virus only and leave the outpost firewall which was the same thing as before but with no warning colors and icons from smart security that my firewall was disabled lol

    It can be done either way..

    Hope this helps & good luck,

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