can i run two different internet security systems on my computer at the same time?

i have mcAfee security centre already installed and i am protected until 2010. I want to install Norton internet security 2008 for extra protection. would this be ok?

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  1. Dylan R says:

    mate it depends on the programs but don’t because i tr-yd to use Zone Alarm and AVG and they fort each other i had to get it sent to a computer dude

  2. coifish says:

    You CAN run two different internet security systems on your computer, but it is not recommended. For example two kings were fighting for the protection of the throne, but even through all these conflicts they only ended up making it worse. So having two different security systems are not a good idea. Instead of having better security ,in which you might think, you’ll probably end up with more malware.

  3. corza1992 says:

    Its not recommended, as very often, one program will conflict with another, and will result in neither of them working properly, i would suggest picking one and sticking to it

  4. BDUB says:

    not a good idea. they will interfere with each other. having two security programs for the same thing can actually increase the risk of infection because they might disable each other

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