Can Norton Internet Security record every single thing you say in an instant messenger?

The version is 16.5.0
And I need to know whether the administrator of the PC can read every conversation in an instant messenger via Norton Internet Security?
As I’m just a standard user, I can’t find out for myself…
It’s just my NIS says it can ”examine emails and instant messages then blocks and removes threats”, so I was just wondering whether that meant instant messages could be recorded and read?

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  1. Scharf says:

    No, Norton Internet Security is NOT a keylogger. Now, you could install a keylogger that will log everything you say and do. Even email to someone if you’d like. But Norton is NOT a keylogger.

    Hope that eases your mind

  2. tajpaloo says:

    No.If anyone know your user name, password of your ID and the messenger’s massage archive history is active then only it is possible.

  3. FunSun says:

    NIS checks email for attached files. It checks instant messenger’s file transfer and check if the received file has any virus.
    It ususally does not check the message itself buf the files.

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